Paint, Debt and Getting Things Finished

paintingRedecorating your home can be more than your budget can cope with but by using paint and a dollop of flair you can sparkle up a tired room without spending what you can’t afford. Usually however so much opposition gets in the way of just redecorating that it’s worth a look at how that can happen and what is needed to overcome the counteraction.

Today the temptation to spend excessively is encouraged by every avenue imaginable and you can easily think that to be successful you have to have loads of furniture/appliances and other paraphernalia plus the sleep-eroding debt-worries that go with it. A sensible approach is required to guide your through the morass of living on credit with your salary used to pay off debt. By forward planning, careful budgeting and a willingness to live in the moment you will achieve a comfortable way of life and not be crushed with repayments for folly purchases. If you are constantly racing through today to get to tomorrow, next week or “somewhere else” because that’s where you think the solution is, then take a deep breath and reconsider.

Once a plan is in place, its systematic execution is what obtains the end product. If you have despaired of ever being able to purchase those Louis XIV chairs or Persian carpets for the front hall, then used that as the reason why you live in a drab home then you’re in danger of becoming the effect of your own inabilities. You may never be able to afford antiques, but you most certainly do not need to feel you can’t win.

Getting over that first hurdle of realising you’re not as wealthy as Croesus then recovering from the shock that you may never be, no matter how long you slave, will take some time. However once that’s done you can again revisit the problem of how to improve your home. It would be wonderful to twitch your nose and “ping” there stands the newly painted walls. However practical application is the only way to get it really done.

Painting walls is cheap, can totally rejuvenate a space and doesn’t need vast technical knowledge. The variety of paint techniques which one can use is endless and every single creative jolt of juice you have in your body can be expended in their composition. The colour scheme you choose depends on how brave you are. So many people are dying to try tangerine or plum, but they are so bound by what the family/friends/parents will say that they’re frightened back into ivory and mushroom and mute tones. These do go of course, but homes tend to be awash by these safe colours.

Experimenting with colour can be a disaster, but humans tend to learn from their “oopses” and unless you step off the cliff occasionally, how else will you find out if what you thought was perfect, was? Yes, it would be wonderful to hire a terribly learned colour coordinator who has spent years studying the colour wheel and knows which reds go, but your budget wouldn’t stand it so you’d still have a drab room. Spending time wishing you had what you can’t afford doesn’t solve the problem it just makes you miserable which then has you reaching for the ice-cream tub and your hips definitely know you can’t afford that.