How To Make The Best Of The Recession

recessionIf you’ve lost your job, are having trouble paying your mortgage and are wondering how to feed your family, you’re probably not up for hearing that there’s a bright spot hidden in the heart of a recession or other economic turmoil for many people. There is a kernel of hope in the ocean of gloom that is the current economic bust. The recession, which has taken and continues to take so much from everyone, has given us one good thing. It has given us the gift of time.

For most of us, our jobs took up at least fifty hours a week, when you consider the time it took to get there and back. For some people, it was more – up to sixty precious hours that we spent away from our families, our homes and our favorite interests Maybe that’s why many people just veg out in front of the TV when they get home.

Well now, if you’re no longer employed, you have that time back, except for the time you put into job searching. Before you lose that time to mindless web surfing or old Judge Judy reruns, take a minute to think of all the things you have time to do now. There are so many possibilities and options and many of them are completely free.

No matter where you live, there is probably an adult ed program near you. Call your nearest school system and see what they have to offer for night classes. Many of them teach things you can use to hone new skills for a career change. You might even find yourself happy at the prospect of doing something you really like as opposed to what you used to do just for the money.

If nothing else, you may be able to develop a hobby or craft into something that will make money for you on a part-time basis. Learning new things is good for your brain and helps you stay sharp. That’s very important when it comes to competing for the few jobs out there. You could also check with local colleges and trade schools which sometimes have classes that you can audit or attend cheaply if you’re only taking one class rather than getting a degree.