Halloween Expenses and Creative Budgeting

scarecrowIf you recently lost your job or had unforeseen expenses, you may find it difficult to pay for all the extras that you normally provide your child. It may be painful to trim your budget. One of the places to trim excess immediately is the amount of money that you spend on holidays. This brief blog entry explores three ways to save money in the specific context of Halloween.

The first method of saving money has to do with eliminating unnecessary clothes buying. How many times have you bought a Halloween t-shirt for your child and she only wore it once? This is a type of spending where you can save. You have to invest in some type of Halloween costume. The t-shirt can wait until next year.

spooky-nightThe second method to save concerns the purchase of seasonal merchandise. When you want to decorate your house for Halloween, you can be tempted to go to the dollar store or super-center and buy things for inside and outside of your home. All of these expenses are in addition to Halloween candy, your child’s costume, and toys that you typically buy. One way to save money is to buy one or two decorations and a decent toy for your child to enjoy. All of the trimmings for your home’s interior and exterior are really unnecessary unless you are hosting a Halloween party.

The third method concerns creating a costume that incorporates things your child already owns. It might be buying the accessories for your daughter’s fairy outfit or creating a worker’s costume to go with your son’s tool-belt. Spend your money wisely on part of the costume and save money.

Halloween and other holidays are costly for parents. When you are on a tight budget, you should look for ways to save money without guilt. Your child will remember the time that you spent with him or her doing holiday activities and making memories. How much you spent on the stuff for Halloween should be less important.