How to Save Money at the Gas Pump

gasWith gas prices rising ever higher, it has become more important than ever before for every driver to save money and gas wherever he or she can. After all, buying less gas not only helps you have a fatter wallet, but in these uncertain times it helps make the country as a whole less dependent on foreign oil. In addition to reducing the country’s exposure to volatile parts of the world and saving money, cutting down on the burning of fossil fuels may even help to protect the planet and keep it clean and green.

Whether you drive the smallest compact car, one of those new hybrids or a big SUV, there are simple yet effective steps you can take to cut your gasoline consumption and trim your commuting costs. If you’d like to do your part to help protect the environment, and your wallet, from rising gas prices, just consider these gas saving tips.

Combine trips whenever possible – by combining all your errands into one shopping trip, you can cut the number of miles you drive, and the number of gallons of gas you use in your daily life.

Buy the lowest grade of gas you can – even though many cars, trucks and SUVs specify premium gas, most modem cars do not really need this extra octane. While some specialized vehicles and sports cars can benefit, the vast majority of everyday vehicles do just fine with regular gas.

Clean out your trunk – every pound of extra weight in your car’s trunk will reduce gas mileage to some degree. It is a good idea to give the car a good spring cleaning and store or discard all those items that have been weighing down the trunk.

Get regular tune-ups – keeping your car, truck or SUV tuned up does more than make it last longer. Regular tune-ups and maintenance can also keep the vehicle running more efficiently. Often something as simple as replacing a clogged fuel filter or changing fouled spark plugs can boost mileage significantly.

Keep the tires inflated – under-inflated tires will do great harm to not only fuel economy but tire wear and even safety. Keeping the tires properly aligned, balanced and inflated will help to improve overall fuel economy and driving safety.

Avoid the temptation to top off the tank – topping off the tank does nothing more than waste gas and money. Modem cars, trucks and SUVs are designed to know when they are full, eliminating the need to top off.

Drive as slowly as conditions permit – Driving at 55 miles per hour can boost fuel economy two miles per gallon or more compared to driving at 6 5, 70 or faster. Avoiding jackrabbit starts and quick stops can boost fuel economy even more.